Pretty in Pink: Do Not Enter

What an eye-catching space! We were immediately attracted and drawn into this room at Reid Ross Classical Middle and High School in Fayetteville, NC. The entire room is thoughtfully decked out in passionate pink.




Appealing, right? Who wouldn’t want to enter into this great space? Well, almost every student at Reid Ross would prefer to be anywhere else. This beautiful space is not as lovely as it appears. Looks truly are deceiving. One visit here and students do not want to come back! This perfectly pink place is In-School Suspension!



Need a belt? The Pink Room’s got it! Need to cool down from an upset? The Pink Room’s the place. Need to the rethink those choices? The Pink Room’s a think tank. The Pink Room brings painful reflection about the actions that brought one to such a lowly but beautiful place and invokes all kinds of personal promises never to return. In the Pink Room there is no ignoring your infraction, and the lonely quiet strictness of this beautiful space forces students to face their toughest critic– themselves. Cyndi Monte, ISS Coordinator, fashioned her room after the prison tactics of famous Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio who made his inmates wear pink underwear. She says despite the room’s visual appeal, activities like walking the pink mile, eating lunch alone, going to the restroom in single file, and other such task deters repeat offenders. Students simply do not want to come back!


Yes, pink is pretty, but the door to the room cautions outsiders with the clawing scratch marks that scream the silent cries of those inside wanting nothing but out!

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