Great Schools Do Great Things

jms2We are so fortunate to have the phenomenal opportunity to work with, visit, and develop a relationship with the awesome staff at Jones Middle School, Trenton, NC.  We are super impressed with the concerted efforts of the administration, staff, and faculty to create enriching outreach experiences for their students.  Want to talk about busy? Want to talk about community engagement?  Want to talk about creating learning experiences that build both anticipation for and promote student success?  Take a look at what both students and teachers will experience this academic year!


Attending the Broadway play Beauty and the Beast at the Durham Performing Arts Center.

Sharing breakfast with local pastors on Pastors’ Day to collaborate on creating positive community environment for Jones County youth.

pastors' dayDiscussing breast cancer awareness with nurses in every homeroom.

breast-cancer-ribbon1Working with AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC), which strengthens communities and develops future leaders.

AmeriCorps NCCC banner - Leave Your Mark-MParticipating in drug awareness during Red Ribbon Week with a band performance from the Cherry Point 2nd MAW followed by a catered reception.                             MAW BandNOVEMBER

Forming five teams, including ALL students and ALL staff, to tour five colleges! College tours include East Carolina University, Mount Olive College, UNC Wilmington, North Carolina Central University, and North Carolina State University.

*Those collegiate ceiling tiles that adorn the front office entrance take on real meaning when they are connected to real visits to real colleges and universities.


Promoting school pride and academic success for realtors on Realtors’ Day–what a dynamic district selling point–the school!


Celebrating Black History Month with a student-led, student-produced program!


Running, running, running in the Knights’ Run 5K!

5k_run_oval_stickerIN ADDITION TO these scheduled events and a host of field trips, monthly Open Library Night provides an opportunity for community, parents, staff, and students to use technology, explore resources, check out books, and participate in book studies.

Open LibraryPartnering with the Jones County Arts Council, one week during the year students get assistance from renown poet Glenis Redmond as they write and publish poetry.

Glenis RedmondHonor Roll students and those who make the Principal’s List get an excursion out to either an ECU basketball game, bowling, or skating and an exclusive lunch with Principal Michael White.

m._whiteWe royally applaud these Knights– not only for their commitment to academia but also for their enthusiastic thoughtfulness to create a learning environment that extends beyond the walls of the school, for making and maintaining connections with the community at-large, and for impacting and enriching the lives of students.  Helmets off to Jones Middle for helping students live up to their creed:

Knights’ Creed

I am courageous, not reckless.

I am confident, not arrogant.

I am tough, and I am smart.

I am always focused and always aware.

I respect my classmates, and my teachers.

I learn from victory and from failure.

I do not speak of my successes.

They speak for themselves.

I lead by my actions,

In and out of the classroom.

I am well informed and well equipped.

I am prepared for any battle.

My mind, my diligence, and my character

Are my weapons.

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