eduChalkboard is an awesome extension of eduConsulting Firm, a K-12 professional development agency. We are committed to providing innovative, research-based instructional solutions that are both engaging for students and practical for teachers.

  • We believe professional learning should be data-driven, research-based, job-embedded, on-demand, and on-going. In addition to our school-based staff development, we offer instructional coaching or the training of coaches and can provide implementation support for new instructional content.
  • We understand that every learning environment differs in its cultural norms, academic needs, and learning expectations; therefore, we customize every professional development session to address specific learning outcomes for both teachers and students as identified in School Improvement Plans, Individual Growth Plans, and academic assessments.
  • We are aware that the Professional Teaching Standards, the Teacher Evaluation Instrument, Common Core State and other essential standards inform the educational endeavors of the 21st century. We ensure that our work prepares teachers to meet the demands outlined in these guidelines.


Learn more about us and our services via the link below!


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If you would like to be added to our mailing list or would like more information about our work, contact us. We can put the pieces together for you.

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