Mind Your Business

Heard of mindful learning? Want to know what brain-based learning really entails? Need to see a brain-compatible classroom in action? Stroll the halls of Clyde Erwin Elementary Magnet School in Jacksonville, NC, and when you hit the fourth/fifth grade hall, enter the first classroom on your right. Welcome to Mrs. Christian’s Class!  A huge, blue vinyl…

Circle, Underline, Bubble, REPEAT!

A Reflection by our Executive Director Nakia McCall “How do they expect me to get increased proficiency and mastery if I do not teach these test taking skills?  You know  – “Circle, Underline, Bubble, REPEAT”. That is the question many educators are secretly asking themselves at this point in the academic year. This is also the…

Instructional Strategies: Evidence of Student Learning

We have compiled a list of 20 instructional strategies that can be used year-round to support your knowledge of student thinking and learning.  Instructional strategies can: motivate students and help them focus attention, organize information for understanding and remembering, monitor and assess learning. Click the image below for the complete list! Download  20 Instructional Strategies   

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