90+ Formative Assessment Strategies

FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT POWERPOINT Formative assessment was brought to the educational forefront by Paul Black and Dylan William in 1998 when they conducted a meta-analysis on formative assessment (Popham, 2008). After examining 681 publications and thoroughly analyzing 250, these researchers concluded that “the consistent feature across the variety of these examples [was] that they all [showed]…

Circle, Underline, Bubble, REPEAT!

A Reflection by our Executive Director Nakia McCall “How do they expect me to get increased proficiency and mastery if I do not teach these test taking skills?  You know  – “Circle, Underline, Bubble, REPEAT”. That is the question many educators are secretly asking themselves at this point in the academic year. This is also the…

Instructional Strategies: Evidence of Student Learning

We have compiled a list of 20 instructional strategies that can be used year-round to support your knowledge of student thinking and learning.  Instructional strategies can: motivate students and help them focus attention, organize information for understanding and remembering, monitor and assess learning. Click the image below for the complete list! Download  20 Instructional Strategies   

Math Resources

Bat Wing Span Article (Integrating Science and ELA in Math) Array Task Cards Communitive Property – Dice Addition Subtraction Number Sentence Match-up     Sample Tiered Math Problems