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Fear and anxiety can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions in adults and children. Learning how to cope with stress will make you, the people you care about, and your community stronger. Research tells us that children and adults benefit greatly from consistent and deliberate self-care activities. Learning how to take care of ourselves regularly…

I Can Plan/Got Questions?

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Target Notes

Purpose:This graphic organizer is designed to help students expand their thinking while focusing on a main idea, topic, or concept. Target Notes ask students to consider what is at the center of the inquiry. What is the student is aiming to discover? Designed to scaffold students’ thinking, the center circle holds the main idea, topic,…

Literacy Center Resources

Literacy Centers are an exciting, self-motivational way to enhance, develop, or extend learning within a classroom. At literacy centers, students work alone or interact with one another using instructional materials to explore and expand their learning (Diller, 2003).  

Literacy: 5 Non-Negotiables

Have you ever encountered that one student that, instantly, you knew you’d never forget?  I’m not talking about the coolest kid, the dainty little princess or even the local Doogie Howser type.  I’m talking about that one kid who connected with you in a way no other student ever could—the student who stretched you as…

Put Me In, Coach!

Have you ever wondered why coaches do not play in the game? Instead they prep and prepare the players on the team to run the plays. Coaches watch the field, strategize, and running plays in their head and then send in the players based on their strengths. But what about those players who never make…