Evaluation Summary

Even though we have already begun preparing schools to greet the new academic year with new initiatives and new commitments through new learning, we wanted review our work from the 2012-2013 school year. We endorse a model of continuous improvement and seek to improve our own professional practice by reflecting on the constructive feedback we receive from the educators we serve.


We reviewed nearly 500 evaluations completed by teachers with whom we worked last school year and compiled a list of the most salient one-word comments that described our work. Just in case you are wondering if we can really put the pieces together for you, the word cloud featured above shares the comments of our clients. We are encouraged by the fact that overwhelmingly educators found our professional learning sessions to be engaging, interesting, informative, and “real,” which helps us determine the extent to which we are fulfilling our mission to provide innovative research-based instructional solutions that are both engaging and practical. Also to be quite honest, we are equally flattered and amazed by the number of times the word “amazing” popped up characterizing our work! The evaluation summary provided here represents a simple visual synopsis of our work; we would, however, be happy to share our documentation with you.


The additional infographic below outlines the most requested professional learning content to date:

ES3To learn more about our work, visit us at home.




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