The New New Teacher Network

eduConsulting Firm has the charge of working with ILTs (Initially Licensed Teachers in years 1-3) at Bertie Middle School in Windsor, NC, during the 2014-2015 academic year.

We are thrilled to count one of the goals of the initiative as increasing teacher retention. We believe that through the New Teacher Network (NTN) we can first build the kind of supportive relationships that help beginning teachers immerse themselves in the learning environment, adapt to the school culture, recognize their own intrinsic value as educators, and promote high levels of collegiality first amongst themselves and other faculty–important activities that are likely to increase teacher retention.

One of the major activities of the Network includes instructional coaching, which is truly the cornerstone and impact-influencing building block of all our professional learning services. We know instructional coaching is the best method to offer one-on-one, individualized, differentiated, job-embedded, on-deman professional development.  Through eduCoachingwe will also have greater opportunities to identify the collective needs of beginning teachers. For example, we have already heard directly from this cadre of novice educators that they need assistance in forming and facilitating cooperative learning groups and implementing innovative methods for integrating technology, using the school’s new ChromeBooks. Based on these expressed needs, we have already tailored the first collective networking session entitled Creating Cooperative Learning Environments, providing strategies, tips, and techniques that help teachers put the necessary structures in places (such as social skills, individual student responsibilities, and accountability measures). Additionally, we will provide a number of resources and learning task types which will increase effective student use of technology.  eduCoaching will allot the Firm time to support teachers in the implementation of these practices before addressing other professional needs.

Our goal is not only to chronicle the activities of the New Teacher Network on the eduChalkboard but also share the strategies, outcomes, and give voice to the teachers participating in the New Teacher Network.

Interesting in beginning a New Teacher Network in your school?

Contact us for more information! 


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